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Optimize your operations

Radial Reporting and Analytics provides a holistic view of your operation to help you optimize order fulfillment and transportation operations with insights into cross-business intelligence delivered in easily accessible reports and dashboards. An unparalleled level of visibility enables you to make proactive changes that improve margins and reduce customer churn, efficiently manage retail operations, adjust fulfillment options to avoid overwhelming specific stores, and improve carrier management.

Get a comprehensive view of your operations

Execution, accuracy, and performance are only valuable with visibility. Near real-time visibility into inventory, service levels, outbound shipping, adjustments, and returns are at your fingertips with the Radial Reporting and Analytics dashboard. Whether you’re at your desktop or on your phone, the system informs you about hot receipts, fast moving SKUs, or outbound performance on the latest promotion.

Make the right moves with proactive alerts

Radial Reporting and Analytics is configured to proactively alert clients when critical parameters around stock levels, open orders, or SKU depth are out of tolerance. Our system surfaces valuable insights to ensure key metrics are proactively reported, enabling you to quickly pivot based on evolving market dynamics and supply chain shifts. 

Leverage data in real time

Successful retail businesses anticipate customer needs and behaviors and respond quickly. Radial’s predictive analytics approach provides a glimpse into the future of your business based on real-time data and shows you what actions to take to capitalize on opportunities. With Radial Reporting and Analytics, you can forecast future demand and inventory planning, as well as optimize stock across your entire network.

Drive profitable growth with innovative features

Our reporting and analytics solution allows you to drill down into data to determine the root causes of issues and make adjustments before they impact your customer experience and the bottom line. Essential insights help you optimize fulfillment nodes, track and correct decline rates, monitor stores to prevent decreasing service levels, and set up alerts to monitor and modify fulfillment and transportation operations. 

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