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The success of Layer2 solutions can only be achieved from customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are committed to providing the highest quality of support to our clients. Take a look at the Frequently asked Questions by product below.

Frequently asked questions

Technical documentation

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Release Notes

Please subscribe to release notes for the Layer2 File PalLayer2 Cloud Connector or Layer2 Business Data List Connector to stay up-to-date about new versions, patches, updates, and upgrades. Be sure to take a look into the release notes before installation.


User's Guides

Comprehensive technical documentation is available as part of the product download packages. Depending on the certain product it is also linked directly in the user interface. Please register for download to receive the current version of software and documentation.

support guidelines

Layer2 product support includes consulting, troubleshooting, and problem resolution related to evaluation, licensing, purchasing, operation, and update/upgrade of our products. We offer free email-based customer support regarding all questions and issues related to Layer2 products. Layer2 support does not include in-depth assistance with architecture, coding, debugging, or configuring your specific application or server. Please contact [email protected] in case of such specific requirements.


General support hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, CEST (UTC/GMT +02:00), except on Germany national holidays. Support is provided by email. In certain cases, phone calls or remote web sessions (TeamViewer, Microsoft Teams or GoToMeeting) might be helpful to analyze the issue further.


Contact our Support

To contact first level support, please email [email protected] or use the contact form. Add all information required, including your full contact data, product name and version, detailed error message or screenshot, error logs (if available), etc. Our support will contact you as soon as possible within support hours. 



Software Assurance

​You can purchase Software Assurance (SA) with the product license for free updates and upgrades to higher software versions. Please find more details about Layer2 Software Assurance here. Note that SA does not include any support level by default. Moreover the SA is not required with our annual subscription offerings.


While we are highly focused to product development and support, we will be happy to help you with the first steps during evaluation or implementation of our solutions. Please also note our resellers and implementation partners for this.

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Pre-Paid Support and Service

Let our in-house experts help you. Pre-paid on a per-hour basis. Helpful after Quickstart Service to better understand advanced features, learn about best-practices, solve specific requirements, or work around common issues.

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Free Layer2 Quickstart Service (Remote)

Less time, more value. Skip the learning curve and jump-start using Layer2 products in 30 minutes. Helpful as a first step of the evaluation period to setup the product and understand basic concepts.



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