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Layer2 File Pal is your intuitive and easy solution for file synchronization. Sync your documents bidirectional and enable your business flexibility, productivity and collaboration by making your documents available from anywhere and at any time. You can subscribe to the RSS feed (works best with Firefox) to stay up-to-date in Firefox or NewsFlow. If you have questions or issues, please contact [email protected] directly.

A notification email configuration issue has been resolved and the usability of Layer2 File Pal has been improved for screens with low resolution.

It is now possible to filter the files and folders to be synchronized by specifying paths and extensions to be included or excluded.

Sometimes changing the library selection for a given SharePoint configuration did not work correctly.

Now it's possible to configure email notifications to stay up to date with the results of the synchronizations. Furthermore, Azure Files has been added to the list of available systems.

Among others, it's now displayed during a synchronization, how many files have been read and how many operations are currently carried out. Furthermore, it's possible to switch off the deletion protection for the current connection entirely.

Among others, there now is an option to disable or enable deletions and it is possible to see which files are skipped due to an error and what the error was.

It is now possible to specify a specific folder for SharePoint and an installation issue has been fixed.

An installation issue has been fixed.

A new provider for SharePoint 2013 has been added, for SharePoint Online the URL is now automatically detected after login and Microsoft Teams folder sharing links can be handled.

A new provider for OneDrive for Business has been added and some minor issues have been fixed.

Microsoft Teams authentication no longer has issues in some cases.

New browse UI for SharePoint libraries

Fix SharePoint authentication expiration

Fix regarding installation on Win 2012 R2

We are happy to announce that a new provider for Azure BLOBs has been added to File Pal. Furthermore the connection editing workflow has been improved.

We are happy to announce that new providers for Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Dropbox and FTP have been added to File Pal.

The new Layer2 File Pal has been released - easily synchronize files and folders from SharePoint Online, Local File System and Network Share.

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