Synchronize Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a popular platform for team communication and file sharing. With Layer2 File Pal, you can sync files between Microsoft Teams and other file systems, enabling a smooth integration of your work processes. Learn on this page how our powerful sync tool can enhance your Teams experience.


Layer2 File Pal offers a codeless synchronization solution that connects Microsoft Teams with a variety of external systems. Whether you need to snync with SharePoint, local file systems, cloud storage providers, or other file systems, File Pal has got you covered. It eliminates the need for manual file transfers and ensures that your files are always up to date across all platforms.


Our File Sync tool provides seamless and automatic synchronization, saving you valuable time and effort. With two-way sync changes made in Microsoft Teams or the external system are instantly reflected in both platforms, ensuring data consistency.

Efficient file synchronization is essential for seamless collaboration, and Layer2 File Pal simplifies the process of synchronizing Microsoft Teams with other file systems. Discover the benefits and features of this powerful tool today by trying the free shareware version. Experience codeless synchronization, automated updates, and real-time monitoring, taking your Microsoft Teams integration to the next level. Unlock the full potential of collaboration with Layer2 File Pal! 


Try Layer2 File Pal for free! You will see how easy the synchronization of Microsoft Teams is.




In order to connect your Microsoft Teams, you should follow the next steps.

1. Create a new connection WITH Microsoft SharePoint online

Open your Layer2 File Pal and click on NEW CONNECTION.


Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

2. Give Your connection a Name and Choose Microsoft Teams

Choose your first system (Microsoft Teams, on the left side of your screen). You can enable/disable background synchronization and deletions here (top right). If it is activated, files deleted on one side will also be deleted on the other side. 


Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

3. Connect your System 

When you see the window below, enter the URL of your Teams library and click CONNECT.


Microsoft Teams


If this is your very first system configuration after the installation of Layer2 File Pal you have to pick an account and log in to Microsoft.


Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix

5. Close Tab

If you see this text, you can close the browser tab.


Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix


On the right side of your screen you can choose the system you want to sync to the Microsoft Teams. Pick and configure the system and click DONE. Here is your connection!


Account Name, Account Key and Endpoint Suffix



Safe & Secure

You maintain full control over your data. Layer2 File Pal uses default protocols for authentication and data transfer like OAuth and https. It runs on your servers and we do not collect any information about the data you are syncing.


Connectors for all common file systems

Synchronize one time, manually or automatically! Layer2 File Pal comes with 10+ connectors for all common file systems like Windows File Server, SharePoint, Teams, Azure Files, FTP, Google, Dropbox, ... And we'll continue to add more systems. 


Easy & cost effective

Register, download, setup, connect, sync – done! No hidden costs or content limitations: sync as many files or gigabytes as you need! Create multiple connections for departments, use cases or external systems. Everything included in your annual subscription.


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More about Layer2 File Pal

No more moving or copying files by hand. Layer2 File Pal is a revolutionary solution that enables seamless connection of file systems, without content limitations from our tool. Whether you need manual or automatic synchronization, one-way or bi-directional file sync. By integrating various file storages, Layer2 File Pal allows you to effortlessly handle any file sync requirement using a single product. Forget about the job of manually copying files - changes made in one system are automatically transferred to the connected system. Discover the power of Layer2 File Pal and unlock efficient file management.



More about Layer2 File Pal