File Sync with LAYER2 File Pal

 No more moving or copying files by hand - sync and share safe and simple

Say goodbye to manual file transfers and folder synchronization. Layer2 File Pal is here to revolutionize your file syncing experience. Whether you need to sync files between on-premises and cloud storages from providers like Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox, or if you are looking for a folder mirroring software - our tool has got you covered. 




Main File systems YOU CAN Connect with our file and folder sync software

You can already connect a lot of file systems with Layer2 File Pal. Click on the systems below to leardn more about it. Nevertheless we are working every day to implement more file systems. That means your File Pal will be improved constantly and the best: you can look the improvements up in our Release Notes.

You want to connect a file-based system that is not in the following overview? Just drop a message in our Contact Form.

What our customers say

Layer2 File Pal is successfully used by one of our customers to synchronize documents across Tenant. This works very straightforwardly and would only be possible with considerable effort without this tool.
Thomas Hildebrandt, Co-Founder addhucate GmbH & Co. KG
Synchronizing files in a service-based way between a local network and the Microsoft Cloud has proven to be a big challenge for us in various projects. The Layer2 File Pal fills exactly this gap and makes our lives so much easier."
Robin Saberi, Managing Director & Software Architect, ModulAcht GmbH & Co. KG


With Layer2 File Pal, syncing files becomes easy as possible. The powerful synchronization software ensures seamless and efficient file synchronization, eliminating the need for manual processes. Our sync tool simplifies your file management tasks: synchronization for files without coding! Layer2 File Pal is the best sync software for file synchronisation in a few clicks. Experience the convenience of sync and share files with your colleauges, enabling effortless collaboration and file sharing across platforms. 

Let this sync programme take care of your file and folder sync needs, leaving you with more time to focus on what truly matters. Say hello to efficient file management with Layer2 File Pal!


Safe & secure

You maintain full control over your data. Layer2 File Pal uses default protocols for authentication and data transfer like OAuth and https. It runs on your servers and we do not collect any information about the data you are syncing.


Connectors for all common file systems

Layer2 File Pal comes with 10+ connectors for all common file systems like Windows File Server, SharePoint, Teams, Azure Files, FTP, Google, Dropbox and more. And we'll continue to add more systems and document how to connect to them.


Cost effective

No hidden costs, no content limitations, no data volume costs: sync as many files or gigabytes as you need! Create multiple connections for departments, use cases or external systems. Everything included in your annual subscription.


Intuitive usage

Intuitive interface and clear design for easy and comfortable synchronization ​of your files. Depending on the systems to want to connect, Layer2 File Pal will help you with the configuration and handle complex settings automatically behind the curtain.


Automatic synchronization

Synchronize one time, manually or automatically in the background. Your files are always available and in sync. Uni-directional or bi-directional. And if something goes wrong, your Layer2 File Pal will inform you. 


Easy setup & connection

Register, download, setup, connect, sync – done! You don’t need advanced IT-knowledge. Layer2 File Pal is the easiest and smartest way to sync your files. It will take you less than 5 Minutes from here to your first Synchronisation.

How to sync your files

Layer2 File Pal is very clear and easy to use. 

1. Set up a new connection.

2. Choose your first system (on the left side of your screen) and pick the files you want to sync.

3. Save your entry.

4. Choose your second system (on the right side of your screen) and enter the requested information.

5. Here is your first connection!

6. Run the connection and wait until both systems are in sync (the free shareware edition is limited to 25 items).

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Optimized for the Microsoft Cloud: Benefit from our many years of experience in developing solutions for the Microsoft ecosystem for more than 30 years. More than 3.200 companies worldwide trust in our products.


Integration: Use one product to solve all file sync requirements. Integrate all common file systems using modern standard protocols and authentication. You don't have to modify the connected systems. No admin rights required.


Productivity: Save time, avoid mistakes! No more moving or copying files by hand. Integrated systems boost the productivity of your team and your business processes. You can be sure that changes are copied to all connected systems.


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750,000+ Users

Layer2 users all over the world take advantage from connected and up-to-date data sets and documents in their clouds every day.


3,200+ Clients

The world's largest enterprises and organizations, but also SMBs, trust Layer2 Products to manage their business critical data integration.


Partners and Resellers

Our Layer2 Partners or Resellers can help you with purchasing licenses, software implementation, and product support.


How is Layer2 File Pal licensed?

After payment, we need to know (NETBIOS) name of the server where the product is installed. When we got the name, we send you an email with instructions and your license. If you have a subscription or trial license you can replace it with the new one. No need to uninstall or upgrade the tool. Activate the license file and you are done. All connections and settings remain.

How does the automatic sync work?

The automatic sync runs continuously in the background as a Windows service. You don't need to set up a sync interval or scheduling settings. After one of your connections is finished the sync of your next connection begins one minute later. If you have only one connection it will restart the sync of it.

Does the sync continue after a server reboot?

Yes. The synchronizer is implemented as a Windows service and runs in the background. The service is set to start automatically after a server reboot. Usually, the sync continues after a system crash and will finish successfully. We recommend checking the logs for errors or warnings.

Can I sync permissions and access rights?

No, we don't support syncing permission settings. Breaking the permission inheritance with a large number of files and folders can result in performance issues and slows down the sync. We do not change existing permissions. You can set permissions for folders or files in the source or destination system as needed.

Are there limitations to the number of files or folders?

You can sync as many files, folders and GB as you want. Layer2 File Pal has no restrictions. Keep in mind that the systems in your sync may have restrictions and the performance of a sync depends on the number of items and connection quality. We have performance tips in our "How-to-sync" articles (e.g. SharePoint). 

Is it possible to run code or perform other actions before or after a sync?

No - not yet. Please send us a short message via email if you are interested in this feature or another feature. Please add some information about what you want to do. This information helps us to understand your requirement and prioritize our backlog. 

Does Layer2 File Pal keep system date-time fields like modified?

Yes, but not yet for all systems. It works for Windows Server File System. We are currently implementing it for SharePoint and Teams. If you want a notification as soon as the feature is available, please write to [email protected]

Is there an upgrade path for existing Layer2 customers?

Yes, we offer discounts for all our customers - depending on the product and edition they have. Please contact [email protected] by email to get a discount code for our webshop and enter the code to your next order. 

How can I get technical support?

We offer free email support for all customers. You can reach us via [email protected] or our contact form. We usually respond within 24 hours but depending on the number of requests it could take a little bit longer from time to time.