Welcome to our file and folder sync solution - the ultimate way to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity. In today's fast-paced digital world, staying organized and ensuring seamless collaboration is essential. Our sync tool Layer2 File Pal is designed to save you valuable time and money by keeping your files and folders in perfect harmony across all your devices. Sync and share documents, files and folders with your colleauges and partners. 


With our synchronization software you can synchronize files and folders without manual copying. Layer2 File Pal creates backup copies that are duplicates of your files - they can be synced in one or even two directions. Syncing your files will be simple and secure without loosing anything.



Why do you need To Sync and SHare your documents with a file synchronization software? 


Seamless collaboration

Are you tired of manually transferring files back and forth or dealing with outdated versions? Our sync tool allows you to collaborate effortlessly with colleagues, clients, or team members. Sync and share - any changes made to files or folders are automatically synced in real-time, ensuring everyone has the latest updates.


Safety and security

Accidental file deletions, hardware failures, or computer crashes can be catastrophic. Protect your files and folders with Layer2 File Pal - syncronize automatically in the background between your different file storages. 


Accessibility and flexibility

With our sync service, you can access your files and folders from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're in the office, at home, or on the go, your synchronized files are readily available across all your devices. No more rushing back to the office or worrying about leaving an important document behind. 


Increased productivity

Searching for files or dealing with duplicate versions can eat up precious time. Our sync tool simplifies file management by organizing your files and folders in a structured manner. Find what you need instantly and eliminate the risk of confusion caused by multiple copies.


Cost efficiency

Using our file and folder sync tool eliminates the need for expensive physical storage devices or complex network setups. You can optimize your storage resources and reduce costs by leveraging our secure solution. 


Unlock your full potential

Experience the power of file and folder sync and unlock the full potential of your productivity. Learn more about Layer2 File Pal and sign up for our service today. Enjoy hassle-free file management, seamless collaboration, and peace of mind knowing your data is protected. Start saving time and money now!